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Make your spot

28 May 2015|CoLab, Pembrokeshire College|

On Thursday 28 May between 1-4pm, CoLAB (a group of Level 3 Graphics students from Pembrokeshire College) tried out some pavement graphics in front of The Lab. All ages were invited to come and help them join the dots with hula hoops and chalks.

Confluence changes to ‘The Lab Haverfordwest’

6 May 2015|News, Pembrokeshire College|

We’ve recently been doing some work with Heidi Baker and the second year students on the Extended Diploma in Graphic Design course at Pembrokeshire College, who have been helping us to think clearly about how ‘Confluence’ communicates about itself and how we can communicate positively about Haverfordwest. The insight they have provided has been revealing and as a result of their advice, [...]