Freshwest construction workshop

27 May 2015|Freshwest|

A Freshwest construction workshop was held at The Lab on 27 May 10am – 4.30pm. Children and adults brought their imagination with them to this hands-on workshop with Freshwest design studio. Participants got to design a structure and then make it. Freshwest design all sorts of amazing structures, from bridges to lamps. The workshop was based around a simple clip [...]

Freshwest talk

26 May 2015|Freshwest|

In a talk on Tuesday 26 May at 7pm at The Lab, Simon Macro shared his story of building a successful design studio in Pembrokeshire. Freshwest are an award winning local design duo, celebrated for their experimental and playful touch. Operating from their studio and workshop just outside Tenby, Freshwest’s output is an eclectic mix of [...]