iDeA Architects will bring expertise in the design process from concept to completion, with our experience in designing new buildings, historic conservation, sustainable and ecological design, and community and educational buildings. Both directors have ongoing teaching practice at degree level, which enables us to investigate a wider range of projects, including urban regeneration and the Art/ Architecture interface in enhancing urban design.

This background has helped us to develop an experimental approach which we will direct within the project’s own ‘ town laboratory’. We are trained in the creative and analytical skills needed to develop a rigorous, local expertise, and to address the key tasks for taking a creative lead in the Confluence consortium and to develop a vision for the town through a process of:

  • Identifying assets
  • Seeing new possibilities and nurturing them
  • Recognising and defining what is missing
  • Creating the right conditions for growth
  • Attracting people and drawing in creative energy
  • As architects we are used to taking a long term view and our role will be to hold a creative vision that will support and nurture the strategic regeneration of Haverfordwest over the next decade.

iDeA Architects will work consistently to provide creative direction in collaboration with spacetocreate, and to support the partnership through communication, networking, management, planning and liaison with the other agencies who will be involved in the development and regeneration of the town.