35 people attended the Picton Centre on the evening of 28 July to watch the award winning documentary ‘Demain’ , hosted by Transition Haverfordwest.

We face an uncertain future in the face of climate change and other global issues, but rather than giving in to doom and gloom, the film optimistically identifies initiatives that have proven themselves in ten countries around the world: solid examples of solutions to environmental and social challenges of the twenty-first century, covering agriculture, energy, money, education and democracy.

Agriculture –Neighbourhood vegetable gardens -alternatives to monoculture and subsidies –bringing the food closer to the people and reducing transportation.

Energy – Community renewable energy initiatives to create local self-sufficiency, reduce pollution, and end reliance on fossil fuels

Money – Create a complimentary local currency to support the local economy and independent shops

Education – A look at how and what our children learn at school and the values and social skills they will need to shape the future

Democracy – How do we regain power from the bureaucrats and achieve meaningful representation and participation in our local areas?

People stayed around after the film chatting about local initiatives and sampling Robbie Coles’ homemade brownies. Projects discussed included Letterston Remakery, Pocket Parks, Fishguard CoHousing (Hafan Las) and a continuation of the Film$4Change series.