Breaking out of the Gallery (BOOTG) is an Art project based in Haverfordwest. The primary objective is to bring artwork onto the streets of Haverfordwest.

After the success of the first BOOTG, which took place as part of Haverfordwest Festival Week 2016, BOOTG applied to the ideas Lab to extend the scale and scope of the project in 2017.

We intend to go bigger and better, with more locations across the town, more paintings and more artists participating.

We will aim for artworks of a larger scale – upto 8ft x 8ft exploring the forgotten histories of our county town, and our artists personal connections to Haverfordwest. We intend to hang the paintings for longer, with a more interesting route around the town, making sure to include streets populated by locally owned businesses. BOOTG

The opening night, attended by the mayor, took people on  a guided tour of over 30 new art works placed at highly visible locations around town.

The show ran from the middle of July through to early September, when the works were relocated to a temporary indoor gallery for a silent auction and closing night party, at which two of the paintings were purchased by Haverfordwest Town Council.

See Raul Speek’s interview with Arthur Brooker from BOOTG here

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Featured image and exhibition invitation credits: Breaking out of the Gallery.