To celebrate World Pinhole Camera Photography Day on April 30 2017 Sharron Harries and Pauline Le Britton ran Light and Alchemy, a workshop for anyone from beginners to photography students who wanted to experiment with low-tech imagery.

Light and Alchemy explored the historic Camera Obscura method of photography. Taking a break from digital imagery, the 18 people who took part in the morning and afternoon sessions went back to basics, using old Pringles tubes and shoes boxes to capture Haverfordwest in a different light.

A fantastic insight into another world

I never knew Pringles boxes were so good at taking photos!

A great time was had by all! Thank you

Wish I could do this everyday

I’m desperate to get hold of a few basic bits of kit… I did a bit of darkroom B&W photography for A-levels years ago, so yesterday really re-kindled my love of that magical process. And I was saying a few weeks ago that I’d had a random idea to try pin-hole photography, to strip the form right back to basics to understand it again and not take photos for granted, so it was amazing when [someone] said, ‘Come along to Haverfordwest for this workshop. Such a great day, thank you.

Learning how to make a pinhole camera from basic materials, participants took their own photos of scenes from around the town centre, and returned to the Lab’s ‘Dark Room’ to develop the images on photographic paper.

Something that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do at home, or elsewhere. This is the start of something for me!

Below is a selection of the photos taken on the day. Can you recognise where they are?


Image credits: Clay Andrews; Tara Andrews; Maya Andrews; Alice Archer; Pauline Le Britton; Eli Cashman; Ned Cashman; C Cashman; Cieran Edwards; Chris Evans; Sharron Harries; Bryani Jean-Kelly; Jamie Johnson; Ted Johnson; Pip Lewis; Miranda Rollinson; William Rollinson; Daniel Suzuki; Jack Smylie-Wild; Seren Stacey.