In the spring of 2017 Transition Haverfordwest, in partnership with Confluence, will present a series of 6 documentary eco/art films followed by informal discussions focussing on some of the issues of our time and place:

The Economics of Happiness    2011 (E)

Garbage Warrior    2007  (15)

Four Horsemen    2012  (E)

Chasing Ice    2012  (E)

Samsara   2012  (U)

Exit Through the Gift Shop   2010  (15)


ACCESS: Please email if you have any questions about access or particular access needs.

AGE LIMITS: Certifications are shown. An ‘E’ indicates the film has not been classified in Britain. Parents may use their own discretion but, for all films, under-18s must be accompanied by an adult please.

COST: Entry is free but, to offset costs, donations of your loose change will be welcomed at the venues.

BOOKING: To give us an idea of numbers, please email indicating the film/s that you would like to see. However, please note that places are limited and will be offered on the night on a first-come-first-served basis.

MORE INFO: For more details about any of the films, please email


Featured Image: Excerpt from ‘Chasing Ice’ cover art.