Seán Vicary’s film installation Chain Home West was commissioned for PLATFORM.  Seán’s work deals with ideas of landscape (internal and external) and our increasingly politicised interaction with the natural world.

His moving-image pieces have been broadcast in the UK and exhibited worldwide.

He works site-sensitively, collecting found objects and fragments of detritus and manipulating these elements in a virtual space to create animated assemblages. These act as triggers for the viewer, suggestive of a wider narrative or a hidden process at play behind the visible.

Sound design for Chain Home West is by Richard Lewis.

Feedback from the audience

Wonderfully evocative piece of work – layers and layers of ‘information’. Great to have the opportunity to talk about it in depth with the artist.

Intense audio visual immersion.

Nice stop-mo organic qualities and sensual atmosphere.

Beautiful work with sensitive qualities in space, form, light and movement.

Excellent quality visuals – light, surprising and moving.

Visually stunning, moving and powerful.

Atmospheric, love the way the images and sound work together. Great to see lichen getting the starring role too!

Haunting and beautiful. Will stay with me. More please. Thank you.

Feedback from the artist

I’ve not exhibited in Haverfordwest before and the location was fantastic, a truly inspiring space with so much resonance and potential.

Visiting the strongroom during production let me respond to the screening space when arranging the composition of the film, and this really helped the finish piece work in situ.

Chain Home West felt like the beginning of a bigger project and I’ll be continuing to refine and expand the work over the next twelve months.

It would be great to show this (or other work ‘ll be developing in the Pembrokeshire landscape) in any similar future event – these temporary takeovers of empty spaces provide a wealth of possibilities for artistic response and a vibrant space for discussion – Seán Vicary