The children of Fenton Primary School worked with artist and maker Ruth Sargeant to produce an installation of over 400 handmade porcelain vessels, each with an individual drawing. The vessels were lit at a closing ceremony and presented back to the school for dispersal in support of future projects.

Porcelain has been chosen for its’ elitist tradition, and in this context to elevate the everyday. The changing quality of light works with its’ translucency to enhance a contemplative atmosphere. The fragility of the material belies its importance as a timeless record of our existence.

The drawings are each child’s expression of self, family, or friends – the essence of a community and the heart of the town.

There is no hierarchy on show and no judgement required, other than the acknowledgement of that strength in numbers, our fundamental similarities, and is a celebration of each and every unique contribution.

At the end of the exhibition, this social metaphor will be dispersed throughout the community it represents, not just as a tangible memory but as an act of shared ownership and a catalyst for another project in the cycle of renewal- Ruth Sargeant

A selection of audience comments

Great engagement with the children of Fenton School. Lovely forms.

Exquisite, delicate, fragile, but strength in numbers.

Beautiful to have in Haverfordwest, such energy.

The little creations are so moving collectively and individually. They’re like little filo parcels of hope.

Such a nice thing for the children to be involved in. Nice exhibition.

This is exquisite – love it big time!

To Confluence: Well done, it’s all SO COOL!

Wonderful, fragile exhibition. Unique work. Hope this show tours.

Beautiful work!

An inspired project beautifully executed, reaching deep into our community. Thank you

Feedback from the Artist

Platform has  given me the opportunity to extend and showcase my practice and to develop significant peer and community relationships. Future collaborations are a distinct possibility as a direct result.

I hope that Platform will grow and become a regular addition to the cultural calendar in Haverfordwest – Ruth Sargeant