For four weeks over March/April 2016, local artist Louise Bird ran a series of Saturday drop-in making sessions at The Lab, offering a chance for families to create and experiment making things together. At the time Louise was based in Haverfordwest Pop- Up Studios in The Riverside Shopping Centre.

Louise developed the sessions through the Ideas Lab, and based them on four different themes using materials which are readily available in any household, such as recycled materials and everyday textiles.

The sessions were designed to be enjoyed by both those with art experience, and those who do not generally participate in arts activities.

Woolly Things: A chance to making a knitting wheel, and learn a quick and easy way to make a knitted tube.

Paper Books and Pictures: Learning how to fold books and boxes of all different sizes and fill them with collage, drawings and stories:

Haverfordwest Houses: A chance to explore a scale model of Haverfordwest which was recently created as part of The Lab programme.

Tools, Textures and Paint: Inventing and making a set of tools and stencils to use with paint, and explore the patterns and prints that everyday items can create.

Families took part in different ways, some working together in larger groups, and some parents offering verbal support, and some adults came without children and took part.

The 25 people who participated in the Make 4! Sessions were extremely pleased with their input and with the overall delivery of the Make 4! Events, and would like to see more arts engagement opportunities such as this for families in Haverfordwest.

“We’ve had a fab time! Please come to my school, Redhill Prep. ”

“Great opportunity – Thanks! Please replace high rise car park with garden topped carpark near the castle.”

The sessions introduced many people to the concept of art as a means for regeneration as Louise commented:

The concept of using art to regenerate and improve conditions for businesses and the people of Haverfordwest appeared to be very new to the people who attended the events. It was discussed with enthusiasm by everyone.

Through introducing children and adults to the concept of arts and regeneration, and the ease with which art can be created with everyday items found at home, the MAKE4 sessions not only gained positive feedback but has worked towards encouraging people in Haverfordwest to think about the possibilities of what art can be.