Three words to sum up your perception of Haverfordwest

Answers on a postcard from members of the 4Cs (the town team) at their meeting on 13 April 2015

Underperforming              potential not exploited            lacks a cohesive offer

OLD                                     FAILING                                    RIVER

TIRED                                 OUTDATED                               DISJOINTED

FUTURE                             CHILDREN                                SHOPS

DREARY                             UNINVITING                            POTENTIAL

Depressed                           sleeping giant                            canalized river

Loads of potential             RIVER UNDERUSED              WEAK RETAIL LEISURE OFFER

FLAGGING                        REGENERATE                          INCREASE FOOTFALL

DULL                                  CONFUSED                               UNINTERESTING

River                                   Tired                                           Castle

Investment                        River                                           Existing opportunities

Image: Collagraph print by Lee Glanville made at the Printing by the river community workshop.