The drop-in workshop held on Saturday 3 October 2015 in the LAB proved very popular and enjoyable for all ages. With tuition from printmaker and founder of Swansea Print Workshop, Alan Williams, participants made  colourful collagraph prints inspired by Haverfordwest and its relationship to the river. Collagraph printing is a very accessible printmaking technique based on collage with the emphasis on bold shapes and textures . This workshop was free with no previous experience needed and all tools and materials were provided.

All sixteen of the feedback comments received were very positive, describing how pleasantly surprised they were at the images they produced from this experimental process, even if they didn’t consider themselves ‘creative’ or ‘arty’. Many of the participants asked when the workshop would be repeated and said they would attend if it was a regular event.

A really enjoyable experience, hope there will be more events like this in the future.

I really enjoyed this workshop..didn’t think I was arty but now I’m having second thoughts. People running were great and helpful. Jan x

Accessible and enjoyable workshop. Should be something here on a very regular basis. Thanx

See a selection of prints here:



Featured image: Collagraph workshop with Alan Williams