Serena Korda, the first artist to be commissioned by Confluence, is staying in Haverfordwest from 5 -15 June 2015 to scope her project ” Black Diamond”. This visit will provide opportunities for Serena to get a feeling for the town and its river as well as meeting with key people who can share their knowledge of the themes that the commission will explore, as well as making connections with people and organisations that may be able to contribute to the realisation of her vision for a new site-specific work.

Serena will return later in the summer for a longer visit when there will be opportunities to find out more about her art practice and get involved in different ways in the process of making and performing the finished work.


Image: Illustration by Jack Wheatley from the ‘Drawing on the River’ workshop

The summer and autumn 2015 programme is currently being finalised and will include a range of opportunities to inform the work of the consultants taken on by Pembrokeshire County Council to prepare a new master plan for our county town. The programme will include:

  • further opportunities to work with iDeA Architects on the Big Map
  • a series of themed walks
  • a programme of creative workshops in the Lab leading into an autumn half term participatory and celebratory event
  • artist talks, including a programme of events/talks/screening as part of the Serena Korda commission
  • an open space event to explore the question “What difference can artists make to regeneration?”
  • finalising the briefs and inviting submissions for 2 new artist commissions.